I see in my private practices

  • Adults (Single consultation or  short-term therapy,  occasionally long-term psychotherapy)
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Children
  • Teenagers

(Work individually and offers different group options)

Different techniques are available

  • Brief and long-term psychotherapy
  • Treatment with hypnosis (Ericksonian Hypnosis) . Frequently useful to bring prompt relief with depression, anxiety, phobias, grief.  Hypnosis has first been known in treatment of pain control with spectacular result quite frequently. Hypnosis can improve overall quality of life by allowing quick restorative session to restaure energy. Hypnosis is frequently a great indication to control pain, to prepare to surgery, prepare to public speaking. Hypnosis can in many cases be of tremendous assistance to alleviate sleep disturbances, even sometimes severe sleep disturbances. Because it activates the parasympatethic system. It naturally releases a stage of intense and focused relaxation. Hypnosis will be used to change a problematic relationship to oneself such as a low self-esteem. Hypnosis is also known to be highly efficient to elevate depression, treat anxiety , phobias, traumata… More specifically hypnosis can also assist in child birth preparation. Dr. Kuenzli will in some cases prepare mp3 recording of hypnotic practices to assist clients in being able to perform self-hypnosis at home.


  • Narrative therapeutic letters (d’après les approches narratives). You may find some exemple of this under Our Editions of Reflexive Practices.


  • Sandtray  (with the Violet  Oaklander method). Fabienne Kuenzli has for years trained experienced practitionners to the sandtray method. Fabienne likes this creative approach that allows individual to access a different comprenhension of their life struggles.


  • Sculpture (V. Satir). Again with the idea of creating another experience it is sometimes usefull to sculpt , sculpt for example the effect of the problem in your life in your relationship. When one sculpt one see better diverse strategies to move out of it, to escape the influence of the problem. What would need to emerge for positive changes to take place?


  • Homework: are frequently used by wour therapist to help you move faster and progress at a faster pace.  In order to use in an efficient manner the time in between the session and to maintain the changes you might be asked to do homework. The idea is to developp along with clients a more positive dynamic and spirals.


  • Externalisation:  Medical paradigm has invited us into locating the problems inside people. This unique way of thinking may lead to unwanted side effects. I like to this of problems as outside of people disturbing their lives like a black cloud might be disturbing your picnic plan for the day. You are not the problem. You now are in relationship with the problem. Problem becomes rethorically located outsite of you and you might have to escape, fight or defy the influence of the problems. Yours become a heroic paradigm. Your strenghts and courage is highlighted.  The idea that we can define the relationship we have to the problem is very important. We are moving away froma deficit based model to a strenght based model.  Externalisation invites in language people to consider their difficulties as external.


  • Dream work  (Gestalt therapy based). Fabienne is very comfortable with dream work and allowing in certain situation dream work to be placed in situation through the sandtray. If you want to work on your dreams or elaborate on your dreams here is a little trick.

 Trick for you: Take a pen and paper next to your bedside and write content themes, details of the dream as soon as you wake up.  This will allow your dreams to be more and more detailed, complex and colorful. You might connect with a larger access to the uncounscious world and a lot more possibilities.

in working with children :

  • Puppets : Fabienne like to use puppets with families and young children, or children only and drawn scenes, pupet show to enable children to explore solutions, solve conflicts and resolve difficulties.


  • Therapeutic stories: Fabienne trained with the students of erickson of course she loves to use stories as therapeutic aid. you may find some examples under Reflexive Practices Editions in free access, …


  • Sandtray  (with the Violet  Oaklander method). Fabienne Kuenzli has for years trained experienced practitionners to the sandtray method. Fabienne likes this creative approach that allows individual to access a different comprenhension of their life struggles.  For the treatment to be efficient, a child should come with pleasure and ease to therapy. Therapy must remain for children short and memorable. Oftentimes children tell me “it’s already over! but we just started … when do I come back? ” Time as in hypnosis is strongly distorted, as if you were focused in a great movie or an interesting book. With children especially, progresses are frequently rapid and intense.


  • Work with families in order to grow stronger family bound when feasible and to lessen the influence of problems.


  • Working with couples : This is an important and difficult work . Today the couple is unfortunately very little served and at great risk. As we witness the divorce statistics exploding one may wonder what kind of an achievement it is to make a couple last happily. It is an incurable optimist speaking to you. I have been together with the same compagnion, happily most of the time for 25 plus year now. I believe there is an important value to relationship that last (unless when there is abuse or violence). These long term relationship can be an ongoing source of security, support strenght and a base to grow from and to come back to, a new and secure attachement. An interesting study showed that 84 % of people that were questionned on a 200o people sample regret to not have done more to save their couple, their marriage. Couple work should bring relief promptly. There is a catch though for couple work to help both need to have the intention of saving the relationship. When it is otherwise the goal might become to be respectful to assist the couple to separate and be good parents apart from one another. Couple sessions are double that is an hour and 40 minutes in lenght. Generally speaking I can say based on a long experience that couples with 10 sessions already can obtain good positive encouraging results such as a greater intimacy (sexual, emotional, spiritual, intellectual) and a felt sense, often validated by friends or families that the relationship is stronger.

Other professional services :

  • Supervision group or individually
  • Training,
  • Conferences
  • Teaching

Services will be provided in English as well. 


Other professional services

Services are provided in English or in French.