Children’s drawings can speak a thousand words. I would like to share with you as an exemple the inside perception of change in psychotherapy. These two sesson are 11 sessions apart (8 months). Marc, 9 years old, spontaneously, drew drawing 1 during the first interview with the parents. At the time of the last session after showing the parents the work we had done together and taking a look at the drawings, Marc wanted to do another drawing similar but very different from the first drawing. Please note the many differences: the foundation of the bridge, the sun, the ambulance sign vs. the swiss flag… In the first drawing it seems that the train might fall… look how strong and solid drawing no 2 appears. Almost no comment needed.

Drawing no 1 made at the time of the first interview.
Détails of drawing no 1.
Détais of drawing no 1.
Eight months after the onset of treatment, after a total of 10 sessions. You may notice the spectacular solidification of each structure and foundation.  


drawing expressing the “hyperactivity monster”.