The first appointment

Picking up the phone seems simple, yet it is probably on of the hardest move of the therapeutic process, to recognize, accept and welcome professional help. Once the first appointment is made, most clients report a large sense of relief. Feel welcome to contact me directly on my phone number at 079/374.54.75 or by e-mail at

The first session

The first session allow us to make an assessment of the situation and to better understand how I work. Please feel welcome at any time to ask any question you think would be relevant to your treatment. This first interview will help you assess if I am the right therapist for you at this mome nt. We will discuss together a therapeutic contract. I will define the legal and ethical limitations of my work. A therapy session is 50 minutes long. As I work with couples, I recommend a two hours sessions (that is an hour and 40 minutes) this is important in order to obtain the most useful conversation and processes.  I advice that you come on time to benefit fully of your session and recommend you make notes during the week of things you may want to bring to the sessions. Traditionnally, people in individual psychotherapy start by a weekly session but the rythm of the session can vary depending upon the need. For people with hectic schedule or that come from far away, I sometimes offer like with couples double sessions, so that we can fasten the work.

Psychotherapy offers confidentiality and respect of your privacy. One large exception to confidentiality occurs when there is immediate danger to self or others. It is my responsibility, professional and personal ethics to report to the competent authorities any suspicion of abuse on a minor in order to provide sufficient care and protection. I never work with couples when violence is active. In these cases it is most advisable to work separatedly until there is no longer any violence.