Fabienne Kuenzli, Dr. en Psychologie, Spécialiste en Psychothérapie FSP, Licensed Marriage, Family Child and Couple Therapist, has a private practice, (only appointments please) is consulting with adults, couples, families and children. Just above the city of Morges in Echichens and in Lausanne.

cabinet_ext_echichensA Echichens
Ch. de Pestalozzi 16,
1112 Echichens
+41 79- 374 5475

As you enter the school Pestalozzi through the main entrance make a slight left and follow the sign piscine you will be stopped by a stop sign in the middle of the road. Do not pass it. You may park during your session in front of the farm oftentimes there is enough parking space.

cabinet_de_lausanne_marterey_1A Lausanne
Ch. de Marterey 1 (6th floor exit on your right at the elevator)
1003 Lausanne
+41 79- 374 5475

For the Lausanne office, the most frequently available parking is Mont-Repos.

She shares an office with the psychologist Frédéric Neu.