« Psychotherapy…wow… that for sure made a difference…for the best. It helped me to see what is best in me. I feel grateful. It is almost as if as I was carrying this heavy bag of problems for so long, I did not even realize how it was preventing me from breathing right, my stomach was so heavy, ma vitality. When I was able to put that behind me it felts like I could fly. Everything seemed possible, open. Thank you for being so respectful. Your kindness, keen intelligence, patience and all that you know. I knew early on that I was in good hands and had hope that things would work out. » Sarah, 15 ans

« Thank you, you helped me in two major ways, even if I originally came just for my son. You helped me realize with so much gentleness that I have a son. You also helped me to be proud of him. He has made with you such giant steps. How can we ever thank you enough? » David, 48

« Thank you for helping K. and for always being there and supporting me as a mom. Thank you for your encouragement. You believed in us when we just could not. Thank you for making me laugh when I just wanted to cry. I know you have helped more than we can even realize now. You kept her alive and gave her the determination to carry on. » Jeri, 36

« Dr. Fabienne is a magnificent therapist for my children. She helped our family sooo much and me too. Definitely she must be recommended a 100%. But they already all want her in the clinic. Well done!!! » Silvia, 33

« You are so f…ing cool, now my entire school wants to go to therapy » Kayla, 17

«She is awesome. When grandma said I had to go to another therapy. I thought sh.. I don’t need that sh.. again, but with Fabienne it was so different. She really understands, she does not do it for the money. She is just so real, so nice. I learned so much about myself. I never thought I would talk to no shrink I swear. But I do trust her. She wants what’s best for me. My entire family loves her and we all have respect for her. » Kimberley, 16

Témoignages . Ce que les collègues ont dit de mes séminaires de formation:

Thank you for a very powerful day of training. I have been starving for so many of the values, beliefs and ideas that you have shared. I am so appreciative to hear your emphasis on inspiration and the power of language, positioning and the intent of questioning. You have helped me to better understand the power of reflexivity… and the power of being real. You have come to me at some very good time… Synchronicity. I would love to follow any workshop you might conduct…any info you can share. Much appreciation.
PS. You are an incredible woman, a wealth of information, encouraging, and fun!!! You have such warmth and positive regards for your clients and all the people in the world…You are such a good human being… a gift to the field. Carolyn R. Wicks, 47 California

« How do I summarize that just above and beyond and more, way more, a life changing moment, a true inspiration. Thank you » Anonymous in an evaluation

« Superb presenter. You were a true inspiration. It was like time was suspended. I am richer now. Thank you for being so concrete also and so well read » Amy S. , 58 Texas

« Articulate. Compassionate. Passionate. Interesting. Funny at times. It is just a delight to follow your workshop. I find them just always too short » John S. 43, Texas

« It has been such a special pleasure to have you in class today. Your English sweetened with French flavor called into my memory all my European childhood. Nevertheless your knowledge in the therapeutic field is absolutely remarkable. However you impressed me more by what was not said than by what was. Your internal cohesion, your emotional vulnerability, your spiritual complementarity and your genuiness in choosing of being yourself have covered my soul with such blessings. Deep appreciations and sincere thanks. (…) » Romulus Chelbegean, Los Angeles, 37

Témoignages a propos de la psychothérapie. Ce que les clients ont dit de mon travail